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10 September

How to Do Competitor Analysis Before Launching a Mobile App Startup

It may be the most critical step in planning a mobile app startup, and yet too many companies skip it.  source: Before spending a single hour outlining your upcoming app, take some time
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24 December

Why Vacuum Insulated Piping is best for Enhanced Oil Recovery

What is Enhanced Oil Recovery? Enhanced oil recovery or tertiary oil production entails extraction of oil when extraction using the other methods is impossible. It is essential in oil production because it can increase
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19 December

Great Investment Ideas for 2019

If you have some spare money lying around or if you worked quite hard this year to get that bonus, you may be thinking of investing it. Truth be told, investing is a rather
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29 September

Who Is Using The WHOIS Database Info And For What Reasons?

Regulated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICCAN) the WHOIS database was established to help regulate the registration and ownership of domain names. It, however, does more than just allocate domain
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12 September

6 Things to Consider when Migrating Documents to SharePoint

SharePoint offers you an incredible file-sharing platform for you and your teams. However, migrating documents to SharePoint is not a walk in the park. It is an elaborate process. If done well, it will
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01 May

How to Negotiate the Best Deal when Selling Your Franchise Business

Owning a business is a dream for many people. while owning your own business or franchise can be a great way to build a great career, there may become a time in which it
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31 March

Why Law Firms Need to Invest in Professional Branding

Any business relies on branding to sell itself.  With so many operators in the market from the global mega corporations right down to the sole trader running his consultancy business from a laptop in
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01 March

How Loan Forgiveness could save you thousands

Over 60% of the population has outstanding student debt. The vast majority of people are repaying this debt via monthly contributions directly from their salary. Whilst this amount is often unnoticed as it is
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08 December

Using Facebook as a Tool for Business

Just imagine telling an entrepreneur from thirty years back that they could reach an audience of tens of thousands of people in a single day with news of their product without spending a penny
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08 November

The Difference Between Success and Failure in Business

Setting up a new business for the first time can be an exciting challenge, but it is worth remembering when doing so that the stakes are high, and the chances of failure are not
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