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Setting up a new business can be a blessing and a curse all rolled into one. There’s no disputing that having the freedom to manage your own hours, chart your own progress and set your own goals can be immensely rewarding. But on the downside you need discipline, organisation and sometimes grim determination to avoid succumbing to the pitfalls which in the world of paid work are more often than not somebody else’s problem.

Running a business is not just about having a product or a service for sale and hoping that somebody comes along and buys it. Competition has never been so fierce. It is perhaps ironic that in an age when marketing to the world can be done for little or no cost and at the click of a button, the sheer range of options from which consumers have to choose puts you and your business effectively back to square one, needing a plan and a good deal of know-how to rise above the flood of often conflicting information and bring what it is you have to offer out onto the centre of the stage where it can be seen by all.

Starting out in business without a strategy or lacking in basic knowledge as to how to promote your enterprise can set you back needlessly and even jeopardise your chances of ever getting it off the ground. When it comes to announcing yourself to the world, cutting corners is too costly to contemplate in terms of lost business and lost opportunity. At times you just need a helping hand.
Introducing the Innovation Creators

We are Jim Carter, William Asher and Tom Lodzinsky, three experienced business consultants from San Francisco. Having worked together for some time at the same company we know each other’s strengths and operating as a team we have developed real expertise in the field of business promotion. Now, as an independent firm of consultants, we are able to offer the benefit of our knowledge and experience to new and established businesses alike, providing them with a cutting edge in an increasingly cut-throat corporate environment.

Our method is to work with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and to help them to develop knowledge and business skills. These topics can range from designing a business model or marketing plan to deciding which marketing techniques to use in which situation and how to use them.

Help Us to Make This Project a Success
We are young and ambitious, and determined to help our customers to utilise technology so that they can get more clients, generate more business, build a dedicated audience and monetise it. We would like your help in developing this project which you can do by supporting this site and helping it to grow.

Why not contribute an article for possible publication on our blog, or advertise to a targetted audience through this site? If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.