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We are all very pleased with the way that this blog has developed in a relatively short space of time, in the way that it has been transformed into a major source of reference for visitors interested in learning more about consultancy in business.  With over 12,000 visits per year and still growing rapidly, it is fast becoming a vital hub for entrepreneurs looking for tips on how to make their businesses work for them in a rapidly moving world of communication and information technology.

It is important that business owners recognise consultancy as a vehicle for improving their outreach and for consolidating and building their income streams, as opposed to just another optional expense.  If a business is worth setting up then it makes no sense to run it in any way other than to its full potential.  Having a good service or product is an excellent starting point, but until prospective customers know it is out there it remains a superfluity.  

Our intention is to build this blog still further, turning it into a fully interactive resource in which visitors can draw down information which will benefit them in their work, but also offer and exchange ideas which might be of use to others.  In that way we generate more interest and more visitors to the site, in turn making it more attractive to advertisers.

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And whilst we are on the subject of advertising this is where you, the visitor, can score.  Not only do we now boast an average of over 1,000 hits each month, but almost all of these visitors are focussed on business development, growth and strategy.  Unlike many sites which generate hits from a disparate audience almost at random, those who call on us are interested in what you have to offer.  

It is by monetising this blog that we have been able to devote the time and effort to it that has been needed to make it work and to keep it interesting and topical.  And of course the more interesting and topical it becomes, the more visitors we attract and the more results you will see from your advertising.  Everyone benefits.

So as well as offering a platform through which you are able to participate through your written submissions, we can also facilitate targetted advertising within your niche.

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To learn more about how you can advertise with Innovation Creators please simply fill out the form below.  Alternatively, drop us an e-mail at [email protected] and give us an idea of what you are looking for by way of an advertising platform.   We will work with you to create the advert of your choice and will have it running live within a matter of days, ready to be seen by at least 12,000 eager visitors each year.

Please be advised that we only have a finite number of advertising spaces, which will be allocated on a strictly first-come, first-served basis so to avoid disappointment please don’t delay.